Killer Shield

Killer Shield is a joint effort between Rivet Networks, MSI, and a world class manufacturer of electrical parts. The goal of this effort was to look at the entire networking experience and find areas where innovative solutions could provide value to the customer. The output of this collaboration is a new, best in class transformer that is able to protect Killer Gigabit Ethernet Controllers from unwanted electrical variances while at the same time providing an impressive level of surge protection. The best part of this solution is that it both protects performance and your machine, and does so with no cost premium for the end user. The goal of Rivet Networks is to provide the best networking experience possible and we will continue to innovate through our Killer Ethernet and Wireless offerings as well as optimizing the other components that impact our customers experience.


Network performance and stability has frustrated Gamers and Power Users for years. So many things impact your networking performance including your hardware, the servers you are connecting to, even your ISP. One thing that often gets overlooked is the electrical signal that is delivered to your computer over the Ethernet cable. The quality of your electrical signal to your Gigabit Ethernet Controller is actually a major contributor to packet transmission errors and network variability. An unprotected Ethernet Controller is also susceptible to power surges.

Killer Shield is a new and cutting edge digital LAN transformer that improves the quality of the electrical signal delivered to your Killer E2400 high performance Gigabit Ethernet Controller. Killer Shield also provides best in class protection from power surges.

Killer Shield includes multiple cutting edge technologies:

  • Capacitive coupling technology: Capacitive coupling allows Killer Shield to deliver a more responsive electrical signal which reduces the number of packet errors. Reducing both lost packets and packet retransmissions allows you to have a more seamless and enjoyable online experience. The chart below shows how delivering a smoother electrical signal via Killer Shield reduces throughput variation vs. a traditional transformer. KillerShieldChart 1860x600.v3
  • Microstrip Line Technology: Killer Shield uses Microstrip Line Technology to detect line impedance. By detecting the characteristics of the line and matching the signal to those characteristics, Killer Shield can deliver a cleaner signal to the other end of the connection. This technology also creates fewer packet drops and retransmissions which reduces jitter and provides better networking stability.
  • Magnetic Surge Protection: This additional circuitry prevents signals with dangerously high voltage from passing through to your Killer E2400 High-Performance Gigabit Ethernet Controller. This protects both your Ethernet controller and in some cases your entire motherboard from dangerous electrical spikes. Killer Shield offers up to 16 kilovolts of surge protection vs. a standard transformer that offers up to 4 kilovolts (see chart below).

LANChart 1000x250.v1


  • Optimal Wired Networking Performance: Killer Shield ensures that Killer Ethernet delivers the fastest transmission speeds and lowest latency by reducing both packet loss and signal variability.
  • Less Jitter: Killer Shield delivers a smoother signal and less packet loss which drives a better performing and more stable network connection. This reduces latency spikes and network variability for a smoother gaming experience.
  • Electrical surge protection: Killer Shield protects wired networking components as well as your motherboard from electrical surges.