Killer DoubleShot Pro

Killer DoubleShot Pro

Killer DoubleShot Pro provides unprecedented speed, intelligence, and control for systems that have both the Killer Wireless-AC and the Killer Ethernet.  DoubleShot Pro automatically picks the fastest network connection (Ethernet or Wireless) and sends all high priority traffic over that interface.  All standard traffic is then sent over the other interface.  This ensures the highest priority traffic will always be put on the fastest and most reliable link.  Killer technology will automatically identify latency sensitive gaming and voice traffic and send it over the fastest interface. 

Killer DoubleShot Pro allows the use of both the Killer Wireless and Killer Ethernet interfaces at the same time.  This will provide more usable bandwidth to the end user.  The Killer Ethernet is capable of handling 1Gbps of traffic and the Killer Wireless-AC (2x2 11ac) is capable of handling up 1.73 Gbps Mbps of traffic.  Killer DoubleShot Pro allows both of these interfaces to work at the same time which will give the end user max throughput as high as 2.783Gbps.

Killer Control Center will give users direct control over both network interfaces with one easy to use application so they can customize priority and bandwidth for all network traffic.  The Applications Page will show users which application traffic is going to which interface and will show how much bandwidth each app is using.

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Killer DoubleShot Pro Benefits:

  • Speed: Killer high performance networking adapters are designed to provide the fastest possible networking performance.  Faster games, better streaming video and smoother audio are now reality with exclusive Killer networking features.
  • Intelligence: Killer DoubleShot Pro uses exclusive Advanced Stream Detect to automatically classify and prioritize high priority traffic like online games and high quality audio to be handled by the systems fastest network interface (the Killer Wireless-AC or the Killer Ethernet).  This will provide users with a higher quality experience with fewer interruptions.
  • Maximum Control: See which applications are consuming your bandwidth.  Set limits using Visual Bandwidth Control or shut them down completely with application blocking, so they don’t interfere with higher priority apps.