One of the most common wireless networking problems that people experience at home is dealing with weak wireless signals from their routers.   Not being able to maintain a strong, constant connection to the internet is a painful problem, and a big reason why people often purchase and install wireless extenders.  These devices are often expensive and complicated to set up.

Rather than waste money and precious time dealing with a Wireless extender, take advantage of the wireless extension capability that Killer xTend delivers on your computer.  PC’s that feature Killer xTend Technology have built-in capabilities to use the Killer Wi-Fi adapter as both a connection to the internet and as a wireless extender at the same time.  Connect your phones, tablets, and other wireless devices directly to your nearby Killer xTend enabled PC instead of having them connect to a router that is further away. Use Killer’s intuitive and simple Killer Control Center to easily set up and configure your Killer Wi-Fi device so that it can extend your home’s Wi-Fi reach.



Powerful Network Prioritization

Game confidently with Killer xTend Technology because it automatically detects time-sensitive traffic both to and from your computer, and prioritizes gaming, real-time, and streaming traffic above online activities from other devices connected to Killer xTend.  By protecting your critical network data, Killer xTend gives gamers the low latencies and bandwidth they need for fast, lag-free gaming while still providing exceptional network extension capabilities.

In addition, Killer xTend provides a great experience to other connected devices by ensuring that low-priority network traffic on the Killer xTend enabled computer (such as downloads or game patches) does not negatively impact other devices that your family or friends may be using.  Killer xTend’s powerful, and easy-to-use interface makes it simple for you to manage the priorities and get the most out of your home network.



  • Access to a Wired Connection: Stop running wires across your home and instead get wired access via your Killer xTend enabled computer. Your XBOX, network storage device, and additional computers will get fast, seamless internet connectivity when plugged into the Killer xTend ethernet ports.
  • Eliminate poor Wi-Fi signals: Stop struggling with a weak Wi-Fi signal by connecting smart phone, tablets, and other devices wirelessly to Killer xTend.   Killer xTend acts as a Wi-Fi range extender to give you better wireless coverage throughout your home
  • Powerful Prioritization: Killer xTend not only prioritizes critical traffic on your PC above less urgent PC traffic, it always prioritizes the critical traffic from your Killer xTend enabled computer above less urgent traffic from the other connected devices, providing the ultimate gaming and video experience.