Every year broadband speeds increase, and people connect more and more devices to the internet, but getting good network connectivity throughout our homes remains a problem. Whether it’s a lack of access to wired Ethernet or weak Wi-Fi signals, many people still have areas in their houses, apartments, or offices that have poor, or often no, internet access. Consumers buy millions of Whole Home Wireless Systems, WiFi extenders, switches, and other expensive range extending equipment to try to overcome this frustrating, yet common, problem. In addition to frustrating network coverage, as more devices hit your home network it becomes harder to ensure that your high priority gaming, video, and voice traffic is not being slowed down by traffic from other devices.

Killer Wireless xTend introduces powerful MESH network capabilities to your computer by leveraging the Killer Wi-Fi module to seamlessly clone and extend your home network. Simply turn on this feature with a click of the button, and your computer will extend its network access to other nearby wireless devices via Killer’s strong and powerful WiFi network connection. Nearby devices will automatically connect to Killer Wireless xTend when it provides a stronger signal than your access point. Don’t mess with Whole Home WiFi systems or setting up network extenders as both solutions are often expensive and difficult to configure – instead use Killer’s innovative new Wireless xTend Technology to connect devices such as your Xbox, smart phone, and tablets to your home network. Game with confidence because Killer still prioritizes your computer’s traffic so that the other devices that connect to Killer Wireless xTend will not slow down your games, videos, and other high priority applications.

Benefits of Killer Wireless xTend

Eliminate dead-zones in your home and create stronger network connections with Killer Wireless xTend Technology. Computers featuring Wireless xTend Technology leverage the processing power of your Killer-enabled PC to increase the reach and strength of the network inside of your home.

  • Eliminate Poor WiFi Signals: Stop struggling with a weak Wi-Fi signal by connecting smart phones, tablets, and other devices to Killer Wireless xTend. Use Killer Wireless xTend to get better, faster wireless coverage throughout your home.
  • Simple to use: All you have to do is turn on the feature, then Killer will automatically clone your network credentials and extend the range of your home network by up to 1,000 square feet by using Killer’s powerful wireless networking technology. Killer Wireless xTend allows you to easily move between networks by saving specific profiles for up to 50 different networks.
  • Powerful Network Prioritization: Killer Wireless xTend not only prioritizes critical traffic on your PC above less urgent PC traffic, it always prioritizes the critical traffic from your Killer Wireless xTend enabled PC above less urgent traffic from other connected devices, providing the ultimate gaming and video experience.