Online experiences are often defined by the quality of the Wi-Fi connection, which can be challenging because unlike CPU or Graphics technology, the PC’s network performance is influenced by a large number of outside variables that change on a minute by minute basis.  By using AI to constantly monitor and score available Wi-Fi networks, the Killer Intelligence Engine is able to direct your to the best available access point which can reduce latency by up to 50% and increase throughput by over 100%.  Below are three ways the Killer Intelligence Engine can significantly improve PC networking performance:

  • The Killer Intelligence Engine includes Smart Access Point Selection Technology that uses AI to monitor and score all available access points on several key wireless metrics.  If a higher scoring access point becomes available, the Killer Intelligence Engine will automatically switch you to the new access point if it is on the same network as the access point you are currently connected.  If the better access point is on a different network, the Killer Intelligence Engine will provide a 1-click method to switch to the better access point.
  • Many users don’t realize that they are using previous generation networking equipment.  The Killer Intelligence Engine helps by comparing the networking capabilities or your PC to the capabilities of the network you are connected to.  If the capabilities are different, the Killer Intelligence Engine will recommend network upgrades that will increase network performance.
  • The Killer Intelligence Engine leverages other Killer technologies to improve networking performance.  It works with Killer DoubleShot Pro by evaluating the health of each Killer interface and then making sure that critical traffic goes over the healthiest interface (either ethernet or WiFi).  It also feeds the Killer Prioritization Engine key information that helps better prioritize traffic.  For example, the Killer Intelligence Engine will alert the Killer Prioritization Engine of an unhealthy WiFi environment which leads to additional protection of game traffic.

The Killer Intelligence Engine can deliver better performance in almost all network environments.  If a user only has access to a single access point, then the Killer Intelligence Engine will ensure the user is connected to the best band.  If the user has multiple access points available (which could be at home, at work, or in public places such as airports), then the Killer Intelligence Engine will evaluate all of the different access points and put the user on the best band of the best access point.