Optimizing your PC to get the best networking performance can be a daunting task that many gamers and performance-minded PC users would rather not worry about. While some users are comfortable digging through their PC and router network settings, most would prefer to have their networking equipment automatically make optimizations or to get simple recommendations on how to fix their issues. Unlike CPU or graphics technology, your PC’s networking performance is influenced by many outside factors that can change on a minute-by-minute basis. Just because the settings are perfect at one point doesn’t mean they will stay that way.

The Killer Intelligence Engine is designed to continually monitor your PC’s network health. With this information, the Killer Intelligence Engine performs three major functions:

  • Displays all of the automatic optimizations being made by your Killer product that improve your games and other online applications.
  • Analyzes your network health and, when possible, automatically makes adjustments to improve your overall network experience.
  • For items that cannot be fixed automatically or issues that are outside of your PC’s control, the Killer Intelligence Engine will recommend how to best optimize the network for ideal performance.

Many network issues are automatically fixed by Killer optimally managing user traffic or by using Killer DoubleShot Pro to move critical traffic to the best network connection. But all network issues can’t be fixed at the PC, which is why the Killer Intelligence Engine recommends actions to the user that extend into the home network. For example, the Killer Intelligence Engine can determine when users are communicating to their router on a crowded channel and then recommend that they change the channel on the router. Killer can also alert the user when an access point’s signal strength and quality is no longer adequate for their gaming and entertainment needs and what should be done to fix this. These recommended actions can quickly fix the network issues on your PC and get you back to enjoying your online experience.

Fully integrated into the Killer Control Center 2.0, users can check out the Killer Intelligence Engine and see firsthand both the optimizations that were automatically done and the recommendations to further optimize their PC network experience. The Killer Intelligence Engine tracks these optimizations in real time so you can always see what Killer is doing to improve your online application performance.


Killer Intelligence Engine Benefits:

  • Automatic Optimization:   The Killer Intelligence Engine automatically analyzes your PC’s network health and makes adjustments to ensure a fast, smooth online experience.
  • Advanced Recommendations:  When Killer can’t optimize your networking automatically, the Killer Intelligence Engine will recommend ways to improve the PC’s network health for better application and gaming experiences.
  • Greater Visibility:  Fully integrated into the Killer Control Center 2.0, the Killer Intelligence Engine provides a simple, effective way for users to understand how Killer is improving their online experience and learn what else they can do to further improve their network health.