Optimizing your PC to get the best networking performance can be a daunting task that many gamers and performance-minded PC users would rather not worry about.  While some users are comfortable digging through their PC and router network settings, most would prefer to have their networking equipment automatically make optimizations or to get simple recommendations on how to fix their issues. Unlike CPU or graphics technology, your PC’s networking performance is influenced by many outside factors that can change on a minute-by-minute basis. Just because the settings are perfect at one point doesn’t mean they will stay that way.

Being connected to a poor performing access point is one of the biggest causes of poor networking performance.  PC users generally don’t have a good way to determine which access point they should use or even a good way to determine if the 2.4 or 5 GHz band is the best.  The Killer Intelligence Engine solves this problem by scoring local access points based on 6 key wireless metrics and then recommending a switch if a better access point is found.  Keeping you connected to the best network access point is just one way the Killer Intelligence Engine drives better performance. Here are a couple additional ways the Killer Intelligence Engine can help:

  • Displays all of the automatic optimizations being made by your Killer product that improve your games and other online applications.
  • Automatically optimizes your network settings for a great online experience. For issues that are outside of your PC’s control, the Killer Intelligence Engine will recommend how to best optimize the network for ideal performance.
  • Boosts your PC network performance by up to 30% by keeping you connected to the best access point.

Fully integrated into the Killer Control Center 2.0, users can check out the Killer Intelligence Engine and see firsthand both the optimizations that were automatically done and the recommendations to further optimize their PC network experience. The Killer Intelligence Engine tracks these optimizations in real time so you can always see what Killer is doing to improve your online application performance.