All of Killer’s latest Ethernet and Wi-Fi products feature the award-winning Killer Control Center 2.0.  This exciting new interface is packed with valuable features that give gamers and performance PC users more ability to analyze, optimize, and control their PC’s networking performance than ever before.

The Killer Control Center 2.0’s Overview page give users a broad, high level view of their computer’s overall network usage and which types of applications and websites are using bandwidth.   Users may adjust the priorities of each type of application, as well as adjust the graphing on this page to match their personal preferences.

For a more detailed view, users may go to the “APPS” tab, which delivers an entire new level of intelligence and control.   From this tab, users may monitor each application and website to determine which are monopolizing bandwidth.  In addition, users may adjust the settings on this tab to optimize performance by changing an application’s priority, setting bandwidth limits, or even blocking network access so that low priority traffic doesn’t interfere with your games, multimedia applications or favorite websites.  Users have the complete power on this tab to fine tune their online experience to their exact preferences.


In addition, the Killer Control Center provides access to other key features which can be found in more detail here: