As the competitive eSports scene continues to grow, gamers are more focused than ever on getting the most performance out of their gaming systems.    Unfortunately, the latest operating systems and applications often consume valuable CPU cycles and memory at times when those resources are needed by the game.   These background processes can also consume valuable bandwidth during games.

While Killer Networking products have long protected gamers by prioritizing games above other network traffic, select Killer products now include GameFast Technology that protects CPU and memory resources during gameplay.   GameFast uses Killer Prioritization Engine to know when a game is starting and when a user exits the game.  When a game starts, GameFast automatically goes through what is running on the computer and temporarily pauses the processes that are not needed while gaming.  This can free up to 20% of your memory and up to 10% of your CPU cycles so that your computer’s resources can be better devoted to improving gameplay. GameFast will then automatically restart the paused processes as soon as the user exits the game.

GameFast Technology gives gamers the ultimate control over their gaming system.  Users can decide if they want GameFast to automatically run during games or if they would rather manually turn it on when needed.  While GameFast has a default list of processes to be paused, gamers can use the Killer Control Center 2.0 to add or subtract processes on the default list.   This gives gamers the ability to completely customize their online gaming experience.


Benefits of Killer GameFast Technology:

  • Faster gameplay:   Ensure your computer devotes its resources to making your game play fast and smooth.  Killer’s GameFast Technology frees up to 10% of your CPU cycles and up to 20% of your memory by pausing background processes that can steal valuable computing resources from your game.
  • Simple to use:  By simply turning on GameFast Technology, gamers can ensure their PCs are fully focused on delivering fast, smooth gameplay.
  • Fully customizable:  Either use GameFast’s default settings or use the Killer Control Center 2.0 to customize your experience by choosing which processes are paused during gameplay.