The Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology offers the most advanced network data detection available in consumer products today. The Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology offers new intelligence capabilities that enables Killer Networking products to detect and accelerate network traffic for specific websites in addition to the applications running on your computer. By prioritizing the network traffic for key websites above lower priority websites and applications, Killer allows you to have a more enjoyable and uninterrupted online entertainment experience. Watch a game, stream your game, play web-based games, and watch online videos with a new level of confidence. Killer does this automatically, right out of the box, or you can change any priority you want with our Killer Control Center.

Killer Networking products now offer an unprecedented ability to customize your computing experience just the way you want. With 6 levels of prioritization, Killer Networking products now allow you to take full advantage of the extra network data detection capabilities that are part of the Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology. Either use the automatic prioritization, or configure the priorities and bandwidth levels the way you want to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology Benefits:

  • Less Lag, Lower Latencies: The Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology ensures you get the lowest latencies for your game by prioritization your gaming traffic above everything else.  So lag less, and win more with Killer.
  • Less Buffering: Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology automatically detects, classifies and prioritizes your important streaming video and entertainment network traffic so that you get the online experience you will enjoy.
  • Ultimate Control: Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology works automatically, but through the Killer Control Control you have complete control to customize the Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology to prioritize your network traffic however you like.