How Do I Use The Killer Prioritization Engine In The WRT32X/WRT32XB?


In order to use the Killer Prioritization Engine in the WRT32X, you must be using a PC with a Killer network adapter installed, running the latest Killer Control Center. Killer network adapters come preinstalled in many gaming laptops and mainboards, and are not available for sale separately, with the exception of the Killer Wireless-AC 1550. For more information on the Killer Wireless-AC 1550, please click here. 

Killer Networking adapters that can make use of the Killer Prioritization Engine in the WRT32X are:

  • All Killer Wireless-N Wi-Fi adapters
  • All Killer Wireless-AC Wi-Fi adapters
  • Killer E2200, E2400, and E2500 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters

The WRT32XB will automatically recognized XBOX devices, but they will not show as a Killer Enabled Device.

If you are not sure if you have a Killer Networking Adapter installed, you can find out by checking in your Device Manager. To do this: Right-click Start, click Device Manager, and double-click Network Adapters. If you do not see one of the above network adapters listed, then your machine cannot use the Killer Prioritization Engine in the WRT32X. 

If you would like to buy or build a machine with a Killer Networking adapter, here are the names to look for:

Machine manufacturers that use our adapters include: Alienware, ASRock, Clevo, Dell, Gigabyte, Lenovo, Sager, MSI, and Razer, and some smaller companies like HIDevolution, who takes others brands and customizes them.

Motherboard manufacturers that use our adapters include: ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI.

If you are looking for our tech, make sure you check which network adapters are being used, as these manufacturers do not all exclusively use our network adapters. You may have to look at various models.

Legacy Killer adapters such as the 2100, consoles, and other computers cannot use the Killer Prioritization Engine in the WRT32X, or the Killer Control Center, but they can be prioritized in the router's normal three tier interface.

For further support on other features of the WRT32X, please contact Linksys support. 

Will the Killer Prioritization Engine in the WRT32X Help Consoles?


Will the Killer Prioritization Engine in the Linksys WRT32X Help Consoles?

No, but it won’t hinder them, either. The Linksys WRT32X is an otherwise fully featured router, which also includes the ability to work with the Killer Control Center’s network prioritization features, and thus requires that any machine using this feature use a Killer Network Adapter. The router also features the ability to prioritize non-Killer devices using three levels – default, low priority, and high priority.

The WRT32XB will automatically recognize XBOX devices, but they will not show as a Killer Enabled Device. 

You can learn more about the router on Linksys’s website here -


No Killer Enabled Devices On Linksys WRT32X and WRT32XB


Users with Killer Network Adapters and the Linksys WRT32X may see "No Killer Enabled Devices" or "0 Killer Enabled Devices" on the user interface page of their WRT32X. 

The Killer optimization on the WRT32X is compatible with all Killer adapters that work with the Killer Control Center, which includes the:E2500, E2400, E2200, E2201, and all of our Wireless-N and Wireless-AC adapters. 

Please note that Windows 8.1 or 10 is required on the Killer enabled device for the router to label it as such in the router's interface. The router will still prioritize the Windows 7 Killer enabled device, but it will not appear that way in the router interface. 

You must also have a recent version of the Killer Control Center installed. You can find the latest Killer Control Center here -

After you have installed the latest Killer Control Center, if the router still fails to detect the Killer adapters, you may need to unplug the router for ten seconds, then plug it back in. If it still does not recognize the adapters, you may need to restart your computer once more by clicking Start > Power > Restart

Consoles will not appear as Killer Enabled Devices, even on the WRT32XB. The unlike the WRT32X, however, the WRT32XB will identify the XBOX ONE by name. You can then assign it priority within the router's UI. 

If you still experience issues, it is recommended that you contact Linksys Support unless you are having other issues with your Killer adapter, in which case you should reach out to us through the contact form below. 


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