Some users have inquired whether the Killer Wireless-AC 1550 is compatible with their desktop mainboards. 

Most desktop mainboard M.2 slots are keyed for storage, not for Wi-Fi. You will need to refer to the manufacturer of your specific mainboard, but unless there was a Wi-Fi adapter pre-installed in the mainboard, the M.2 slot is very likely keyed for storage. In such cases, no Wi-Fi adapter will work in that slot.

We have also received questions regarding using the Killer Wireless-AC 1550 in M.2 to PCI-E converters. Although these types of converters usually work well enough, we have noted that the 1550 sometimes does not work in converters that work well with other adapters. This seems to be tied more to the age of the computer than anything to do with the converters, but we have not yet narrowed down any specifics, so we cannot say for sure what will and will not work in this capacity. 

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