Windows Server Drivers

From time to time, we receive requests for Windows Server compatible drivers for our network adapters. Although we do not provide package installers for Windows Server editions, our drivers are Windows WHQL certified, and as such will work with recent Windows Server editions, so long as they are installed manually from the Device Manager using our .INF files.

You can download the .INF files from this location -

If you need assistance manually installing the .INF files using Device Manager, you can follow our guide here -

If you encounter an error when installing the .INF drivers for a wireless adapter, you may need to enable wireless networking in your Windows Server. This applies to all Windows Server editions, 2008 and beyond. To do this:

  1. Access Powershell from your administrator account
  2. Type Install-WindowsFeature -Name Wireless-Networking and press Enter. You should receive a confirmation that the service is installed, and a warning that the machine needs to be restarted.
  3. Type Restart-Computer to restart.
  4. Once the machine has restarted, access Powershell from your administrator account again. 
  5. Type net start wlansvc to start the wireless networking service.
  6. The .INF drivers should now install normally.

The Killer Control Center is not availalbe on Windows Server editions. 

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