Installer (UWD) Version Does Not Match KCC Version

Some users have expressed confusion in that the current version of the installer does not install a version of the Killer Control Center by that same number. The Killer Software Package and the UWD Killer Control Center will not share a version number. This is due to the Killer Software Package installing multiple items in order for the latest Killer Control Center to work correctly. The Killer Software Package:

  1. Installs the latest device drivers for whatever Killer devices you have installed in your machine.
  2. Installs the current Killer Network Service, which is what does all of the work reducing latency and prioritizing applications.
  3. Installs the extension drivers needed for Windows 10 to be able to download and run the current version of the Killer Control Center.
  4. Forwards you to the Windows Store to install the Killer Control Center.

As the drivers, the network service, and the Killer Control Center will all be different versions, the Killer Software Package must also have its own version number.

To see if you have the current version of the Killer Software Package installed, right-click Start, then click Apps and Features. In that menu, scroll until you find Killer Performance Driver Suite UWD, then click it to expand. That version, circled in the image below, should match what is available from our website if you are using the latest version, regardless of which networking adapter your machine uses.

KCC Version
KCC Version



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