“As for pricing, Rivet has been able to get the AX1650 listed on Amazon.com for $35 and if I’m honest its the best upgrade anyone can do to their Notebook, MiniPC or Motherboard.”


“The AX1650 flexed its muscles and, simply put, is one hell of a fast wireless adapter. ”


“Gamers may prefer wired connections to wireless ones, but Rivet Network’s new Killer AX 1650 network card just might convince some folks that it’s finally time to cut the cord.”


“The big news with the E3000 is it hits a steady 2.5 Gbps throughput, which adds a bit of future-proofing for home networks.”


“Throughput with the Wireless-AC 1550 connected via the 5GHz band at 160MHz is the best we’ve seen from any WiFi solution.”

https://hexus.net/tech/reviews/network/121136-killer-wireless-ac-1550/  >

“The Killer Wireless AC 1550 is hands down the best Wireless NIC available for enthusiasts and gamers that want the absolute best performance possible from their connection.”

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“MSI is…excited to be working with Rivet Networks on bringing this cutting-edge technology to market” which allows gamers “to prioritize their own gaming network traffic above the traffic of other connected devices…”

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Rivet Networks’ all new Killer Wireless-AC 1550 is “…faster than a wired gigabit Ethernet connection.”

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“Imagine the scenario where you have a monster gaming PC, but you also use the same area to support a few internet connected consoles. Or that the Wi-Fi router for the environment doesn’t actually reach that far… Rivet Networks, the company behind the Killer networking chips…is offering OEMs another plus point in their product functionality by offering such a solution.”

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“Just when we thought we’d seen it all, MSI teams up with Killer to announce a new motherboard that acts as both a networking switch and a Wi-Fi extender for your other wireless devices.”

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“The Killer Prioritization Engine is a QoS system in essence, but it’s highly optimized to recognize additional types of lag-sensitive traffic, including games.”

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“The Killer Wireless AC-1535 impressed us with very good transfer speeds, long range and intelligent features. This card can be easily recommended to gamers and power users who are looking for the freedom provided by features such as Advanced Stream Detect.”

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