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 Dignitas Trophy

Less Lag, More Brag

Killer Networking products deliver the gaming performance that professional gamers demand, and competitive gamers love.  Game with confidence, because Killer ensures nothing, not even torrents or updates, will slow down your gaming packets.


Smooth, Uninterrupted Streaming

Streamers love Killer Ethernet techology because Killer prioritizes your network traffic so that you can easily stream and game on the same computer. Since Killer products prioritize network traffic both to and from the internet, your game and stream are protected from other network traffic on your computer. 

 Streaming Games


 Killer 1535

The Best Wi-Fi for entertainment

The Killer Wireless-AC 1535 featuring ExtremeRange Technology delivers the best interactive and streaming video W-Fi performance.  Whether you are Skyping with your friends or streaming your favorite TV show, the 1535 is ideal for wireless entertainment in part because it has two integrated hardware amplifiers to provide increased throughput and signal strength at longer distances. 


See how Killer Networking products keep your latency low and your games playing fast. World of Warcraft World Champion Talbadar shows how Killer improves his gameplay.